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Taiwan Is All Out of F**ks to Give

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 5, 2019
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Taiwan, despite its small size and small population relative to mainland China, has lost their last f***. They had one left to give, but we think the janitors mistook it for garbage and picked it up. It is now gone. On March 31st, China sent two of its jets into "Taiwanese" airspace(we put the quotes because China sees Taiwan as rightfully theirs). We wrote about this a few days ago...well the president Tsai Ing-wen has a response, and it's not one that China is going to be super cool with."I have ordered our military to forcefully disperse any deliberate PLA incursions over the center line without delay.”Ok...what does forcefully disperse mean...we think we know what it means, but we want to be sure. See in our minds, if we were fighter pilots (it was a pipe dream once we realized we weren't good at the maths) and someone told us to "Forcefully disperse" another group of fighter aircraft...we're thinking that means make the aircraft as a whole unit be dispersed into many units utilizing force.Disperse...distribute or spread over a wide area...could mean something less lethal, maybe force the Chinese aircraft to go way out of their way through maneuvering. Maybe cause them to waste fuel...we're not entirely certain...but it seems ominous right?Mad props to the president of Taiwan because truth be told, at least from our point of view, it looks like the President of Taiwan just said they're going to shoot down any Chinese fighter jets that cross into Taiwanese airspace. That's what it looks like, and since you can't do the PIT maneuver on them, maybe the only other option would be acquiring a missile lock and encouraging them (the invaders) to leave the area or they'll be fired upon.Whatever happens, it appears as if Taiwan has had enough of mainland China's bullshit and refuses to be bullied by their neighbor. Taiwan, all out of f***s to give.

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