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Taiwan Scrambles Jets to Intercept Chinese

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April 1, 2019
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Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool's joke. On Sunday, two Chinese J-11 fighters (basically a Su-27) breached the maritime border with Taiwan. Upon this incursion, Taiwan scrambled its fighter jets. As much as we wish this was April Fools, we're pretty sure the ChiComs don't play along with our little prank day past time. This action is almost laughable in the grand scheme of things if you've been following the legitimate real life, playing out in real time soap opera that is taking place in the South China Sea.We'll sail some ships through the Strait of Taiwan in the South China Sea, China will get mad saying those waters are THEIRS and they're unwilling to share. China will build up more artificial reefs and islands to put weapons on. Those weapons will inevitably be aimed at the relatively minuscule island nation because despite having the entire mainland, China seems really pissy about having one island to break away from the "glorious communist utopia" and they really want it back, even though doing so by force would most definitely cause a shooting war.Taiwan is over here being unofficially officially supported by the United States (we wish we were joking about how weird our ties with Taiwan were) and we sell them weapons from time to time, much to the chagrin of China. Then we'll sail more ships through the Strait of Taiwan, China won't do shit to us, but then they'll talk shit or do some shit to try and intimidate Taiwan. Upon which we'll probably do some shit to let China know we don't give a f*** about who they think they are.That about sums it up if you've missed seasons 1-5 of the shitshow that is the South China Sea right now.Anyways, Chinese jets haven't crossed this "border" in nearly twenty years and yet they did this week, due to their ever-increasing, creepy uncle pervo desire for the island nation.Taiwan, of course, launched it's fighter jets to intercept. Also, China violated Japan's airspace this weekend as well which resulted in Japan scrambling fighters to intercept as well. China is out here just making tons of friends!

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