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Taliban's Aggressive Moves

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
April 12, 2019
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Oh boy. These shit sticks are at it again. Not even a week after detonating a VBIED outside of Bagram Air Field, these shit for brains syphilitic Taliban wankers announced the commencement of the "Al Fath Jihadi Operations". What is so significant about this? Well instead of targeting us...which they still seem to be doing, they're going to be setting their sights on their countrymen who are serving as police or in the military.Everyone. Pay real close attention to what we're about to say here. This is why you kill all of them before you start nation building. "But you can't kill an ideology." Really? Seems like we did a good job of killing an ideology in the Pacific theatre where it was victory or death for the entirety of Japan. They signed an unconditional surrender. You can kill ideologies, it just you know...takes this thing called commitment.Commitment in war is a hard road to travel and quite frankly we've gone down Change Our F***in' Mind Avenue for far too long to turn around and go back to Commitment Road. We're on the way out and tons of lives were lost along the way because we used the military as a construction company when their job is to kill bad guys. Look, we know some super slick dudes that can turn a backwoods third world country hooch into the Ritz Carlton, but it's not their primary job. Their primary job is to find people that strap bombs to themselves and blow up schools so girls can't go there, and kill those people.The shift comes as we're in "Peace Negotiations" with the Taliban. Kinda difficult to believe they're negotiating in good faith after launching a VBIED attack and killing three Marines. Although a fictional character, Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean was onto something when he said: "People are easy to search when they're dead." People are also easier to negotiate with when they're dead too...feel like we kind of missed a golden opportunity to "negotiate" with the Taliban in that respect.As you watch the news and see 20 years of fighting go down the drain as the Taliban seizes control of the country and returns to oppressing people OR we continue our presence there because the threat of the Taliban returning is too great...remember we had a chance to do it right and we royally screwed it up. Let's not make that mistake ever again.

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