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Taliban Claims US Troop Withdrawal Near

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July 26, 2019
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The Taliban has said that if the United States makes a good proposal, that the deal regarding U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan will be done very soon. And what will we have to show for it? The Taliban will probably take over again and undo any semblance of minuscule good that we've even come close to remotely accomplishing there. They'll beat the shit out of the ANA and return Afghanistan to its previous state of being a haven for terrorism.And they'll do this full well knowing that no American president, nor the American people, will ever want to fight Afghanistan again. Giving them tacit permission to do whatever the fuck they want.This is, of course, a worst-case scenario, but one that we can't help but see playing out no matter what. Do we really have faith in the ANA to stop a dedicated and violent campaign by the Taliban to recapture power in Afghanistan? Do we really think they'll fear us invading again after the quagmire that Afghanistan has become? Nope. With this peace deal and the continuing hostilities against U.S. forces in Afghanistan, we've effectively been neutered on the world stage.Every single near-peer adversary has seen it. America doesn't have the stomach or attention span to really fight it out with anyone and so even if we're put into a bad position, we'll still sit at the table and sue for peace, rather than win.What would it take to win at this point? Hell, we don't really know for certain, but we know that it'd have to result in an egregiously large amount of enemy KIA. Because right now, they think they can outlast us and win. It'd have to be clear in no uncertain terms, that we will kill any and all fighters and salt the earth, but we won't do that.We're glad guys will come home, but we're mad that so many died and so many were wounded all for a fucking draw (at best).

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