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Getting Rid of Marine Corps Raiders?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 27, 2019
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The idea was proposed by Heritage Foundation senior research fellow Dakota Wood to disband MARSOC and focus the resources of the Marine Corps elsewhere in preparation of war with China or another near peer level adversary. Wood was careful not to disparage the work of the MARSOC Marines but still insisted that the resources devoted to MARSOC could be better spent elsewhere. Since Dakota is a fellow Marine and not some limpdick wannabe, we'll treat him as a brother and offer our polite opinion on the matter.I'm a mainline grunt...i.e. I'm not a special operations guy. I DOR'd out of Basic Reconassaince Course in July of 2011 and I'm cool with that. It wasn't my bag, it wasn't for me. It certainly was a kick in the nutsack though and through that kick in the ballsack, the special operations community earned a great deal of respect from me, not that there wasn't before, but undertaking the training gives you a certain appreciation that you just can't gain from the outside looking in.Now that all being said...if you disband MARSOC, we're removing a force multiplier from the fight and replacing it with...what? Back to the WW2 days of conducting amphibious landings? Cool. How nice would it be to have indigenous personnel who were trained by MARSOC on how to facilitate a beach landing that are already in place helping secure a beachhead and working with the incoming Marines? Super nice! Beach landings are an extremely vulnerable phase during the fight, that's why fighting to secure a beachhead has been used to describe any tough endeavor. So utilizing highly trained Marines to make a beach landing easier is a bad thing?I could throw example after example after example out on how MARSOC is beneficial to the fight, but it'd just become redundant after a while. The fact is having a group of highly trained Marines who are capable of doing secret squirrel shit while both being a part of SOCOM and integrated into the Marine Corps is a huge force multiplier, not a detractor.I also realize that I didn't go super in-depth with this. I feel like I shouldn't have to as the point is super blatant and obvious to anyone. The question shouldn't be about how to get rid of MARSOC to free up resources, but how they can continue to evolve their mission to continue to be force multipliers for the Marine Corps and other forces as we face new and challenging adversaries.

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