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Troops Disarmed at the Border?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
April 22, 2019
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Let's get the unpopular part of this out of the way. On some level, we can understand how you'd give up your weapon to de-escalate a situation. We hate saying it, f*** do we hate saying it, but we get it. Now, that's not to say that we'd do the exact same thing because we wouldn't. There are a few questions that'd we'd like answered that all kind of build on each other. We'll start from the bottom and work our way up with these questions.The news report stated that the soldiers had their M9 Berettas taken from them. Why is that the only weapon they had? It may not have been, but it was the only weapon mentioned by name. Where were their rifles?Next question, why were there only two of them miles away from backup armed with only pistols? If your duty is to protect the border, then how the hell are you going to protect the border with two dudes and only pistols? We're not border patrol agents or whatnot and we don't have a whole assload of experience in keeping a border secure, but common sense would lend some aid here and say a few things. Have better weapons. Have more than two dudes.Next question. WHO IN THE F*** GIVES UP THEIR WEAPON TO A FOREIGN MILITARY? Again, we understand wanted to de-escalate a situation, but you know...don't do that. Ever. Again...since we're sure some peacenik hippy is going to read this and get all defensive of the dudes...we get it, they wanted to de-escalate the situation. WE KNOW.But also, don't put dudes in a position where they have to give up their weapon to deescalate. A solid rule of thumb is to always negotiate from a position of know like, maybe having a few extra dudes around...with bigger guns than a dopey 9mm.Don't get us wrong, we like the 9mm, it's just you know...a pistol going up against battle rifles/service rifles of another nation...that usually ends up poorly.Sure as shit we hope we learned a lesson here, f***, we hope we learned several lessons here, lessons like;Have more dudesHave better firepowerDon't be a little bitchDon't give up your weapon to ANYONE...EVER...not even the armorer (not like he'll take it anyways, it's probably dirty)

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