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The Dead Horse of Venezuela

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 4, 2019
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The amount of times that we have to report the news about more saber rattling bullshit that won't really culminate in anything is astounding. We did it with China, Russia, Iran...every single day it seems like the same shit. Today it's the dead horse of Venezuela. Most of the European Union has sided with the official position of the United States in recognizing the President of General Assembly, Juan Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela.This, of course, has pissed off Moscow because after all, all they really want is peace and it's totally the United States begging for war, especially after Russia invaded Ukraine and seized its boats. Especially after Russia has propped up the human rights violating Syrian government, and supported Iran, the country whose national pastime is hating the United States. That peaceful ex-KGB agent is super not to blame for fanning the flames of global conflict at all. Why would anyone not support Maduro, especially after starving his country and sending masked men to arrest protestors? Seems like a great guy right?In case we didn't catch all of the sarcasm, here it is for you. That was all sarcasm.Look, our foreign policy in recent years has been...far from the best we could have done as Americans, but it doesn't excuse Russia's behavior. The Kremlin is asserting that supporting Mr. Guaido is tantamount to disturbing the democratic process of the entire world. Grandstanding in their virtue signaling about democracy all the while people of Venezuela are being arrested or killed for speaking out.China ironically seems to actually be making a smart decision and staying neutral. They want to move forward with Venezuela no matter who wins out in the end. Either way, we've beaten this dead horse enough and to be quite honest, as much as we'd hate yet another war, we're just sitting here saying;"Just fight or f*** already."

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