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Dumbest Thing We've Ever Seen

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 19, 2018
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We scour the internet looking for stories, looking for topics to share with you all, to keep you informed on things that are important, disgusting, interesting, relevant, whatever you name it...this time we didn't have to look far. The dumbest thing we've ever seen was posted this week by Eric Swalwell. Was he taking Ambien? Was he drunk? The world may never know, but one thing we do know is that when you mention that you'd nuke citizens (even in jest) to enforce gun control it doesn't make you popular or funny.At this point, we don't even care if you support gun control or don't. Quite honestly we figure that you all know where we stand circa Charleton Heston and taking our guns from our cold dead hands. To suggest that nuclear weapons would be used on a civilian population...have you heard of these cool things called "war crimes"? Because they are a thing, a thing you'd most certainly be charged with if you were to unleash some ICBMs on any American city.(We know he said he was joking, but we don't jokingly tell half the country we'd nuke them if they don't agree with us. Step on Legos barefoot? Absolutely, but nuke...nah.)There could be a flip side to this where we consider Mr. Swalwell as the world best gun rights advocate and salesman. Nothing like implying that you'd use nukes on your own people to get a bump in gun sales (obvious sarcasm should be obvious).

Dumbest thing ever

While Eric has backed away saying that it was sarcasm, the fact that he vehemently pushes for gun prohibition, which just to sidetrack...how did prohibition on alcohol and drugs work out? There's obviously no drugs on the streets and alcohol is an almost forgotten part of our countries past because when we ban things, they just disappear forever (again obvious sarcasm is obvious).We enjoy a good joke as much as anyone else does. But joking about nuking Americans who won't give up their firearms, (because you know 2nd Amendment rights and that whole bothersome Constitution) maybe you're just not that funny.We may be a bunch of crayon eating Marines here, but at least we're not that stupid.

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