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The Hearing Loss Lawsuit: No Bullshit, Bro

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 22, 2019
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We know, we know, you've all been getting bombarded with the Hearing Loss Lawsuit ads. We know you're tired of hearing about it...buuuuuuut, we got to sit down and talk with one of the attorney's who is arguing the case. In fact, he and another attorney will be on the show this Monday to talk about this stuff more in depth. (9 a.m. CST on the American Grit Facebook page)Basically what happened was 3M got a contract for hearing protection. There were standards that had to be met. Somehow, instead of an independent 3rd party testing, 3M got away with in house testing their product. During this testing, they found that "Heyyy, these things don't work right!" Despite finding that the green side didn't work as performed and the yellow side actually amplified the noise. Nice job assholes. Why do we call them assholes? Because despite learning all of that, they still shipped them off to the U.S. military. See, assholes.Here's why despite all of the joking and millions of ads on Facebook, that this should matter to you. This is a defense contractor that made a shitty product that didn't work and still shipped it off to the troops. What if this had been an interceptor vest? What if it'd been Humvee armor? What if it'd been a rifle or any other weapon system where every single one they sent was defective?We get it. Most people that join the military and are in combat arms lose their hearing anyways. We're around explosions and gunfire so losing your hearing seems like an inevitable side effect. Fair enough. But you also shouldn't be lied to about a piece of equipment. If you're given a helmet, you expect it to work. You expect your rifle to fire. The principle of the matter is this.No defense contractor should be able to produce blatantly malfunctioning equipment in large quantity to the military, get paid for it, then walk away consequence free. If one or two don't work as advertised, that's a whole lot different than every single one of them malfunctioning.While you share memes and laugh and tell the hearing loss lawsuit to f*** off, 3M is sitting there, counting their money saying "I can f*** over the military and all they'll do is make memes and laugh about it."

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