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The Numbers Don't Add Up

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 28, 2018
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Recently former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court threw out an opinion that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed.President Trump responded today saying that the Second Amendment will never be repealed.Let's not get political and just look at the numbers from a purely hypothetical standpoint. If you look at the numbers it doesn't make sense. The numbers may not be exact, but we looked for solid sources as best we could and this is what we found.If we look at things from a purely numerical perspective. As of the fiscal year 2017, there were roughly two million members of the military, active and reserve (Department of Defense). Couple that with just under one million law enforcement agents (National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund). You have roughly three million people before anyone decides not to follow orders, that would participate in the confiscation of weapons.On the other end, you have roughly a quarter of the population of the United States that legally own guns(Quartz Media). With roughly 340 million Americans, a quarter of that number would be roughly 85 million gun owners in the United States.We don't know exactly how many gun owners would willingly give up their guns, and we don't know how many members of the military or law enforcement would disobey an order to do so. Because we don't know that, we're going to assume (hopefully without making an ass out of us or you), conservatively, that roughly ten percent of the military and law enforcement would refuse an order to confiscate the weapons. That would leave around 2.7 million people to carry out that order. If 90 percent of gun owners (that's being extremely generous) gave up their weapons without a fight there would be roughly 8.5 million gun owners still putting up a fight.

The Numbers

Couple that with the fact that the fight would take place in an urban environment, which gives the defenders the advantage, we're not sure this would turn out how many who oppose gun ownership think it would.Based on our estimates, and giving huge advantages to the side of confiscation, you're still looking at 2.7 million people fighting off 8.5 million people who know the terrain and are defensively dug in. The use of tanks or any large area high explosive might come into play, but considering the collateral damage of neighborhoods and the fact that it'd be American citizens fighting American citizens, it's probably a non-starter.Also one more key thing, not everyone in the military would be a door kicker either, take away all of the support staff from that 2.7 million and you're left with even less. The numbers just don't make sense.If anyone does come for your guns, they probably haven't thought it through all the way in terms of numbers.

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