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The Real North Korean Threat

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 28, 2019
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It's cyber. As powerful as nuclear weapons are and as much as we should still respect the ever living dog shit out of them, the cyber capabilities of adversarial nations are getting better and better by the day. North Korea is one such nation whose hackers have been carrying out cyber attacks all across the world for a number of years, all while honing their skills.You say nuclear weapons and everyone is suddenly afraid out of their damn mind. Literally losing their shit over North Korea's "nukes".Truth be told nobody is afraid of North Korea's nuclear capability in the here and now, they don't have a really solid delivery platform and they know that if they started shit with nukes, China probably wouldn't back them as they have too much to lose economically (this is taking into account that China is still being really stupid about getting Taiwan back). China will gamble big for China. Doubt they'll gamble big for the North Korean regime.Cyber attacks have the ability to cripple and/or turn weapons against their owners, especially with an increased reliability on AI and other "future" tech. You can say unhackable all you want, but as we've seen historically, there is no such thing as a perfect defense. Our equipment can be built to withstand hackers, but humanity always finds a way to prove that everyone who thinks something is either unhackable, unsinkable, unbreachable, unconquerable...is not only wrong but usually dead wrong.Nuclear weapons are the buzzword, but North Korea has been dumping funding and training into their cyber-warfare division for years and executing tons of sophisticated cyber attacks against a number of nations.We hope they give up their nukes. That would be a stellar move. We'd all be stupid happy. However, let's not get tunnel vision over the nukes when there is something equally as sinister in the next room over. Cyber warfare isn't going anywhere and it's only going to get more and more sophisticated. Maybe we address both issues together...

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