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The Thorn in China's Side

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 20, 2018
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What does China have against the United States? Aside from the obvious, they are godless heathen communists answer, which there is plenty of credence behind, there is another reason. There is a thorn in China's side. That thorn is Taiwan. The United States is "unofficially" quite friendly with Taiwan and China still refuses to legitimize Taiwan as a sovereign nation, instead stating that the island belongs historically to China.While the island is tiny, it is the other landmass that makes up the strategically important Strait of Taiwan in the South China Sea, a place where China has been building up artificial islands and fortifying/militarizing them in an attempt to control the commerce that flows through the strait. Literally trillions of dollars in trade passes through that area.The United States, however, remains a staunch ally for the Republic of China (Taiwan), not to be confused with the People's Republic of China. Despite the unofficial relationship, the United States recognizes the benefit of keeping an actual democratic government close to counter Beijing's growing ambitions in the South China Sea.Taiwan has recently purchased Apache attack helicopters amid a new agreement with the United States that will allow the later to sell military equipment to Taiwan.Make no mistake about it, China is looking to aggressively expand and dominate the South China Sea. The only piece of the puzzle keeping them in check is Taiwan, the invasion of which would almost certainly spark the military intervention of the United States.In addition to playing puppet master to North Korea, Beijing is pushing the world precariously close to conflict as it militarizes those islands in close proximity to Taiwan and attempts to exert its military control over the area. Taiwan, since it's existence has defied Beijing and remains a thorn in their side despite the enormous military buildup.The Strait of Taiwan should most certainly not be controlled by China and as long as Taiwan remains that thorn in their side, we're doubtful that Bejing will risk any sort of conflict with the United States currently, as our naval forces still dominate the seas.

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