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The World Holds Its Breath... Kind Of

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
December 18, 2018
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All eyes are on the countries of Ukraine and Russia. The world holds its breath...kind of, you know while flipping back and forth between "This Is Us" and "The Voice" or last minute shopping for Christmas.We actually don't blame people for paying little to no heed to the conflict that may soon arise in the Black Sea region. We've been at war and seen rumors of war and had saber rattling that would make a locker room full of high school boys blush with the phallic threats of violence and one-upmanship drivel going round and round between world leaders.Meanwhile, many people are just sitting around, tired of the bullshit, saying "Just fight or f*** already, holy shit, just get it over with!" Why? Because everyone is tired of schoolyard foreign policy touted by basically every single world leader.The world hold's it's breath as we wonder if the "Great Soviet Bear" ( we're being facetious) is going to ram their country down Ukraine's throats with little to no remorse. If they do, what is the United States going to do? What are the rest of the NATO countries going to do?The world holds its breath...kind of because at this point we're so tired of all the posturing that we'd rather eat Bon Bon's on our sofa and play with our dogs while waiting for the hypothetical armageddon than to tune in to hear more of the same.We know we're tired writing about it and if we're tired of writing about it, you're probably tired of hearing about it. The horse is dead, please let us stop beating it, just fight already.We said all of this to tell you this...Russia moved some fighter/bomber aircraft to a base in Crimea because supposedly the Ukrainians are going to do some shady shit before the New Year. That is ....of course, according to the Putin Propaganda Pushing Powers of the Proletariat (ohhh alliteration, it's so sparkly). So you know, it's probably a lie.

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