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Too Good to be True

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 7, 2018
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Oh Kim Jong Un, why couldn't you let bygones be bygones. We never trusted you, but we did get our hopes up, now look at you, being all stupid and trying to get your country bombed again. Well, maybe not bombed, but it certainly sets a bad tone with the upcoming meeting between the two countries looming in the distance. Is it too good to be true?Sunday, Kim Jong Un called President Trumps claims "misleading" regarding the upcoming talks between the two nations. We know what you're doing Kim. You got embarrassed by the United States, forced to capitulate before the war even began and now you're trying to save face in front of the world. Hopefully, the latest rhetoric coming from North Korea is nothing but that and the peace talks and denuclearization of the peninsula does occur, but if 2018 has proven anything to us lately, it's that we're in for a wild wild ride.Ever since Trump has taken office he has taken a hard stand against North Korea and their nuclear ballistic missile program and to be fair, why not? It's not like North Korea has been...reasonable in the last almost 70 years, so why should things change now? Likely things won't change, we had our hopes up, but the truth of the whole "deal" with North Korea is that nobody will know the certainty of its outcome until well after the meeting has taken place. Sure they could comply for a few months then go back on their word, it wouldn't be surprising in the least.

Too good to be true

However, the North did release prisoners so...we thought they were serious, but apparently, it was too good to be true. Or so it looks like.

Too good to be true

This year has got everyone doubling back on what they've predicted will and won't happen. We're sitting back watching the whole scenario evolve as it does and to be honest, we're expecting the unexpected, and you probably should too.

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