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Top Up-Coming Veteran Startups

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November 14, 2017
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The military is a place where decisions have to be made under pressure, organization has to be a priority, and leadership takes the center stage. It is for this reason, the skills learned in the military translate well to running a business. Statistics prove that companies run by former military officers tend to show better performance. And that's why we're listing some of the standout veteran startups right here!After the Second World War, almost 50% of veterans went the entrepreneurship route. While this number has slightly declined, there are around three million veteran-owned businesses today.Here are some top veteran led startups that are up and coming and you should watch for.


Founded in 2015, Millie has been in business for two years. Run by Jason Dempsey and Ken Robbins, both former U.S. Army, the business is a digital marketplace that connects members of the military and their families with resources that help ease their anxiety and stress that comes with frequent moving.Ken Robbins asserts that his experiences dealing with risk and uncertainty is what impacted him and his teammate to deal with the constants in the business world.Twitter | Site | Facebook


Located in Washington, D.C., GoodWorld was founded in 2015 by Dale Nirvani and John Gossart, with the latter being in the U.S. Army Armor. Good World is a fundraising tool that allows people, influencers, business, and others to donate to a charitable cause. GoodWorld was named DC’s best technology startup. In 2016, GoodWorld was named one of the most innovative companies.John Gossart is thankful for his 22 years in the military. He believes that for anyone to achieve success, they need to first identify the problem and later have the right team in place to provide solutions to the problem.Twitter | Site | Facebook

Warrior Centric Health

Warrior Centric Health is one of the certified eLearning program meant to address the social and cultural determinants of health in veterans and their loved ones. Founded by Ronald J. Steptoe, a former U.S. Army field officer, this startup equips medical staff and hospitals with the necessary skills required to treat veterans and their families.Ronald’s family has a history of service to the nation that goes back to the Revolutionary War. He attributes his success to the fact that he want to inspire innovation and equity in healthcare for the military and veteran communities.Twitter | Site | Facebook


Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Ampsy was founded in 2015 by Jeremy Gocke, a former US Army signal corps. This startup provides social analytics to teams, brands and venues. Their geofencing engine helps the firm to analyze the most shared content at events, giving clients insights into the people and content diving social conversation around their brands at specific locations.According to Jeremy, the time spent at West Point prepared him to handle difficult missions and this has helped him run a successful startup.Twitter | Site | Facebook

GoldenKey Networks

Founded in 2014 by Tommy Sowers, a former member of Special Forces, GoldenKey is a market network for smart people. The startup provides a list of network service providers like home improvement, mortgage, and insurance. The company also solves inefficiencies for home buyers and sellers in the residential real estate market.Tommy Sowers attributes his success to his passion to drive an organization to excel beyond personal expectations.Twitter | Site | Facebook


Situated in League City, Texas, Sensei was founded in 2014 by Ashley Reynolds, and Sean McDevitt both who worked in the US Army and Navy respectively. This software company turns huge data into tangible information that offers increased health awareness, quality of care, and user engagement. Susan who has worked as a combat medic believes in hiring the right people and defining the objectives that they ought to meet.Twitter | Site | Facebook

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