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Train Carrying Explosives Derails in Nevada

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
June 19, 2019
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Well...of all the days to be the guy who has to clean up the literal train wreck this is most certainly not the best day. It is not the best day at all.A train carrying grenades, ammonium nitrate (bomb stuff), and actual bombs derailed in Nevada around 10:20 a.m. F***.Like, how do you expect the military to kill people appropriately if we're not getting our bombs, grenades and ammonium nitrate on time? Seriously, this is important business guys!We do...have like one question though...and despite being ammo driver we sure carrying ALL of that on the SAME train is really the BEST idea? We know that it's in poor form to criticize without offering a solution but...aside from splitting all that stuff up, we don't really have any other solution. So the question remains, what would we rather have? Possibly several small explosions...or potentially one really just badass big explosion?Well, since this is the United States of America and we go loud and proud, we're guessing many of you are going to go with the gigantic big obnoxious explosion.We're also pretty certain that there are some regulations that ensure you're not carrying like a giant clusterfluk of bombs through little Timmy's school playground too, so there is no need to worry about residential damage, just you know...the train conductor and everyone else on board.Since we're not really "train guys", it's difficult, even for us, to speculate on what caused the derailment, but we did watch that one movie with Denzel Washington one time, so we're guessing it might have probably had something to do with speed. Yeah...or a broken piece of track...those are our two guesses. If it's anything other than that, well, we just proved our point that we're not "train guys".Good luck and godspeed to the people who find themselves cleaning up this mess.

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