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U.S. Detains Chinese Spy: Espionage Uncovered

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 11, 2018
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Sucks to suck asshole. Look, no lie, we know the CIA has had some rough patches in the last 20 years. Numerous stories have flown around about Chinese spies getting the best of us. Well luckily we recently the best of them. One of their agents was traveling abroad in Belgium and just so happened to stumble into some handcuffs and/or zip ties courtesy of Belgium. He was then extradited to the United States for a very public, and hopefully very humiliating trial.Since the late 90's the Chinese government has been ripping shit from us via spies and various cyber attacks. We have honestly been on the losing end of this battle at least, as far as we know. The CIA is pretty guarded about it and won't tell anyone much. However, this arrest of a deputy division head for Chinese main spy agency is a definitive and visible victory for the American intelligence community.Yanjun Xu, the Chinese Spy, who apparently thought he could get away with this shit sadly (well, only sadly for him, sucks to suck bioootch) had all his hopes and dreams ripped away as the United States Justice Department officials organized his extradition. The accused stands in the face of numerous charges of stealing technology from industrial mega-corporation General Electric. You know the same General Electric that builds a lot of our military technology and infrastructure...We'd like to unequivocally say we hope this dude gets put in front of a firing squad old school style if/when convicted. We're pretty sure he'll get convicted, you know because of this cool thing called a mountain of f***ing evidence.We'd like to give credit to those who first hand participated in the capture of Yanjun Xu. We underestimate Belgium and other European nations, we give Europeans a lot of shit, but Belgium, kudos to you guys for catching this dude and putting his ass on a plane to the good old US of A where we can with due process, put a cap in his snitchin' ass.Suck it China. More of this shit to follow.

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