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U.S. Military's Epic Twitter Clapback at China

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 13, 2018
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What ever happened to the phrase "Talk shit, get hit"? We're not sure whether or not to be impressed or disappointed. Several commands fired Twitter clapbacks to China as a result of Chinese harassment of the P-8A Poseidon aircraft operating over the South China Sea. The Chinese military has long been fortifying islands as well as building islands for military purposes as they seek to control one of the most vital shipping lanes in the world with over $3 trillion dollars passing through annually.The United States routinely flies aircraft and sails military ships through the contested area. China says that we're in their waters, the U.N., surprisingly is actually on our side, saying that those waters are international waters. During this latest debacle with the Chinese, the P-8A is repeatedly warned in an extremely aggressive manner. So what do we do? Send a couple of tomahawks their way like we used to? Send a Carrier Strike Group along with a Marine Expeditionary Unit so they know we mean business?Nope.

Twitter Clapback

We clapped back on Twitter.It's kind of funny. But...also mildly disappointing. Don't get us wrong, we don't want an unnecessary war or anything, so we guess a Twitter clapback is all we can really expect at this point.

“The United States will not be ‘warned off’ from lawful operations in international waters and airspace.” - U.S. Indo-Pacific Command“Japan-based US Navy P-8As contribute to regional peace and security every day by flying wherever international law allows.” - U.S. Forces Japan

Ok, so it wasn't really a clapback, but when you consider how the military usually handles things a little bit more diplomatically...we'd say this is mildly entertaining at the very least. Shocking and hardcore? Not in the least.All joking aside if you read our State of the World, you definitely saw this action coming from China. They act like the South China Sea is the one ring to rule them all, and they get very protective when we fly above international waters and their little islands.

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