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U.S. Navy Sends Clear Message to China

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 18, 2019
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We ( the United States Navy) don't give two flying shits what you guys do, we're going to keep sailing our boats an' shit where we want. Why this statement? Well, last September there was an "unsafe" maneuver performed by the Luoyang. Luckily for the crew of the Luoyang, the United States didn't feel like starting WW3 or causing an international incident by putting the Luoyang into the drink and making the crew serve 100 years before the mast.You've been reading about this here as long as it's been happening, the United States will sail around in international waters conducting Freedom of Navigation exercises, China will get butthurt because they're militarizing the ocean and building artificial reefs/islands hoping one day they'll have an opportunity to take Taiwan back. China sees Taiwan's very existence as an affront to all things Communist and Mao's successors just can't have the remnants of Chang Kai Shek doing as they damn well please.So every time we sail around their beloved little artificial islands and reefs, they get all pissy and try to send one of their shitty ships out to mess with us.Officials within the Chinese military/party have stated their desire to sink an American aircraft carrier to get us to stop sailing around their shitty islands. They've obviously sent ships out to shadow/f*** with our ships while we're following the letter of the law.So in a statement by Vice Admiral Phillip Sawyer of the U.S. 7th fleet, he let it be known that China can continue to be stupid, we're going to continue our mission."No, it's not going to change where we do our freedom of navigation exercises." Translated to grunt speak that reads "We're going to do what we want and you can go fluck yourself China."The mission you ask? To ensure that there are no excessive maritime claims anywhere in the world. So until China backs off, we'll be there seeing if their shitty Navy wants to fight our Navy.

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