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U.S. Sails Ships Through Taiwan Strait Again

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May 23, 2019
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First off, we want to say this. Our actions and the actions of other nations don't exist in a vacuum, especially with the Taiwan situation. Honestly, if China didn't want the United States sailing ships through the Taiwan Strait all the time, it'd be very easy to get us to stop. Leave Taiwan alone and recognize them as a sovereign nation, not a breakaway province. The people of Taiwan didn't want to be Commies. They were cool with democracy, but the inherent tyrannical ideologies of Communism won't let China leave well enough alone.Basically...Taiwan broke up with China and now China is BIG MAD!Back when the Commies, supported by Russia, decided that the pro-democracy guys in China had to go after WW2, them pro-democracy bois fled to the island of Taiwan and the Hainan province. Hainan was subsequently captured by the Commies and the ROC (Republic of China) held fast on Taiwan.Fast forward to now. China true to its communist bullshit ways continues to threaten Taiwan. Saying recently that if Taiwan won't come back voluntarily, they'll take it by force. It's 2019, who gets a free pass on blatantly saying they'll go to war and annex territory to their own country? The United States does some shady shit, but it's not like we claimed Iraq and Afghanistan as the 51st and 52nd states.Imagine if you will, in 2019 the United States saying that we've about had it with Haiti and they need to come into the American fold. That's how one-sided it'd be if the United States didn't guarantee protection for Taiwan. So we sailed the USS Preble through the Taiwan Strait again, along with one of our oil tankers, so really only one REAL warship.But, even though it was only ONE warship, China still threw a temper tantrum. China is honestly like the guy we've all seen on LivePD getting agitated at the police when they tell him he isn't allowed to beat up his girlfriend on his property."You mean I can't beat up and annex a country who's done nothing provocative except exist? This is bullshit man!" - China (probably)

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