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Updates to AR 670-1

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 6, 2015
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Updates to AR 670-1

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(Photo: Cpl. Woo-hyeok Yang/Army)

(Photo: Cpl. Woo-hyeok Yang/Army)[/caption]Soldiers are now authorized to wear black socks with the PT uniform. This news was released in an exception to policy memo that went out early Friday. This change is one that will be included in the update to AR 670-1 in the coming year. From The Army Times:Effective immediately, soldiers are allowed to wear black or white socks with both the gray Army Physical Fitness Uniform and the black Improved Physical Fitness Uniform.“Sock color choice is at the discretion of the soldier,” wrote Lt. Gen. James McConville, the Army G-1, in an exception to policy memo that went out to the force Friday.The socks — black or white — will be calf-length or ankle-length, and plain with no logos. Ankle-length socks must cover the soldier’s entire ankle bone.The exception to policy memo allows soldiers to choose what color socks they wear until the Army has a chance to update Army Regulation 670-1, which governs the wear and appearance of uniforms and insignia.


The change is a simple, no-cost change, and it gives soldiers another option instead of adding another item to their clothing bags.See more from the Army Times.Other proposed changes include the Eisenhower jacket (an optional Jacket with Class B's), changes to the Drill Sergeant Hat, Blue Service Caps, and Blue Service Caps vs. Berets. The board is set to meet in April to discuss these updates.[mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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