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Venezuela Coup: Kicking Off

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Active Military
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Veteran News
April 30, 2019
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The Venezuela Coup is kicking off. The President of Venezuela, at least the one that the United States and most of her allies recognize as the legitimate President has called for Venezuelans to take to the streets and overthrow the corrupt Maduro regime. Juan Guaido has also urged the Venezuelan military to support him and the people as they seek to wrest control from Maduro and his Russian and Chinese puppet masters. Juan Guaido named the coup attempt "Operación Libertad" as he encouraged both civilians and military to support him in the name of democracy.It's like we've been saying this whole damn time, the Cold War never really ended, some players *cough* Soviet Union *cough* just changed their name and thought nobody would notice. However, if you've been keeping up with everything going on in the embattled South American country, you'll know that the socialist regime of Venezuela has been hurting for food, medicine, and electricity for quite some time.This has been building since January and we hope that finally, some resolution will come about.Conflicting reports are coming in from the country though. Pro-Maduro sources say that the military is firmly behind Maduro, while Guaido and the opposition claim that the military is deserting Maduro en masse. Only time will tell.Either way, for once, it seems like the United States has made the right play as far as not getting militarily involved. Let them sort this whole ordeal out amongst themselves. This is potentially a nightmare for Russia and China who put their support firmly behind Maduro. If the people of Venezuela succeed in ousting Maduro during "Operación Libertad" then it will be a huge defeat for them where their values of oppression are no longer welcomed.Our support is with the Venezuelan people as they seek to liberate their country and return control to the people, where it always belongs.UPDATES:Armed clashes between pro-Maduro forces and pro-Guaido have taken place.Brazilian President voices his support of opposition leader Juan Guaido

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