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Venezuelan Socialist Doof Talks Shit to Marines

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
July 29, 2019
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So you've got this ballsack of a human being, Diosdado Cabello, the Vice President of the Socialist Party of Venezuela, who is literally watching his country eat itself alive because of his parties policies, letting APCs run over civilians, power outages, civil unrest, lack of food, lack of medicine, etc...AND THIS SLAPDICK MOFO WANTS TO CALL OUT OUR BELOVED CORPS. Get real homie.We always try to temper our bravado with some aspect of reality, even if we're dead wrong, we still try.Ol' Mr. Cabello had this to say regarding the United States Marines "It is likely that they enter, their problem will be getting out of Venezuela.”First off, the only thing that has ever stopped the Marine Corps from doing as it pleases is politicians who are like; "Oh shit did they just merc that dude and draw a dong on his face?" Yes Mr. Congressman, yes we did.In almost every single battle (save 3 instances in our almost 244-year history), we've pretty much done whatever we like. Marines dictate the fight, not the enemy. Ol' mister Cabello ought to look that shit up.Secondly, bro....why would Marines want to leave? Venezuela is home to some of the most gorgeous women in the entire world. IF, IF the Marine Corps goes to Venezuela, they gonna clap up all the Commies then spend the next several years "rebuilding" and by "rebuilding" we definitely mean they're gonna be doin their damnedest to be clappin' cheeks. Don't you know Marines love clappin' cheeks?So maybe Mr. Cabello ought to think about that the next time one of their 39 fighter aircraft gets uppity and tries to mess with our aircraft. Do you guys think they know that I MEF has the airpower to shit all over their puny little air force and then some? Talk about gettin' Rickity Rickity wrecked son.Diosdado Cabello can miss us with that inflammatory bullshit. We've never seen someone beg for an ass whipping so much, talking shit like they're somebody. That's how homeboy ends up trying to flee to Brazil or Columbia late at night when a few Ospreys show up full of Marines and escorted by Cobras.Tool.

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