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Vet Offering Free Meal on Veterans Day Receiving Threats

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 25, 2016
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Ernest Walker has had a rough couple of months.The U.S. Army veteran went viral after he posted a video of his free meal being taken away from him by a Chili's manager. The restaurant had promoted free meals for all vets, but when a customer questioned his veteran status and complained to the manager, his leftovers were taken. Walker had his paperwork, his ID, everything that signified his veteran status, but it wasn't enough. now, Walker's attorney has told NBC 5 news that since coming forward about the incident, he is receiving death threats and hostile messages. His address, phone number, and social security number have fallen into the wrong hands, prompting the threats. He has been called by anonymous people telling him they "know where he lives." He has received threats against his service dog, Barack. He has been harassed online. He has even received strange and unmarked packages in the mail.Walker told NBC 5, "We don’t feel safe in our home. We’ve been living there for 18 years and now that our address has just been posted permanently, we are now feeling like we are going to sell our property because we’ll never feel safe there," Walker said.Walker and his family have been temporarily moved into a hotel for their own safety. But in the midst of turmoil, Walker remains determined to help others, especially fellow veterans. A GoFundMe page initially created to buy him dinner quickly has surpassed $6,000; Walker intends to feed Veterans with that money instead on his birthday, December 17th. The page is currently open for donations.

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