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Veterans Day Guests at Grunt Style

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 11, 2015
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Veterans day guests at Grunt Style

Veterans Day is a special event at Grunt Style. With almost 100 employees and close to 70% veteran/military employment, it’s a day we all hold dear. With hundreds of thousands of Veterans in the US, it’s hard to narrow down any one story of success. But we had a visitor that comes as close as you can get to a perfect reaction to a rough situation.Technical Sergeant Leonard Anderson and his retired Military Working Dog (MWD) Azza who was by his side in Afghanistan when he was struck by an IED during his second deployment to Afghanistan, in 2012. TSgt Anderson sustained numerous injuries including a left below the elbow and partial right hand amputee, as well as other serious injuries including half of his stomach being blown off and his femoral artery severed. During his time in Service he received a Purple Heart, three Air Force Commendation Medals, and an Army Commendation Medal with Valor.The reason for his trip to Grunt Style was for him to see the facility (which anyone can do) and for the presentation of a modified rifle to fit his injuries. The rifle is being presented by a donor that wishes to remain anonymous, that met TSgt Anderson at an Advanced Military/Police K-9 decoy seminar in San Antonio, TX last May. This specially adapted Sig M400. The buttstock is a Sig Sauer SB-15 stabilizing brace designed to stabilize the weapon with the shooters forearm. This was donated to TSgt Anderson as a reminder that he is still a badass and deserved a badass weapon.

TSGT Anderson Rifle

TSgt Anderson retired from the Air Force after 13.5 years of service in November 2015. He is preparing to go to school for sports medicine and get back into the workplace. He is also a softball player, which keeps him busy. He has traveled around the country with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team.https://youtu.be/N_CA5r9d5tEAnother special guest for TSgt Anderson's visit was Jackson Young Country with Chicago artists Uptown Shakedown. Jackson is a former Infantryman and was a member of 1/502 IN, 101st (AASLT). He made the trip from up to Carol Stream from Nashville to be a part of the rifle presentation and to play a few songs as a thank you to the 60 Service Members that work at Grunt Style, TSgt Anderson, and to all the Veterans out there. Songs included Iron Man Strong, Voice of an American Man, and Once you go Jack. More information about Jackson and an awesome Jack Daniels give away can be found at JYCRowdyNation.[mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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