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VetStrong: Making a House a Home

Veteran News
Veteran News
July 9, 2018
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A house is just a house until it is a home. It's a big difference. Everyone talks about helping veterans get a roof over their heads, but there is something about turning a house into a home. We focus so strongly on getting our brothers a roof over their heads, but sometimes they need just a little bit more to make that house into a home. VetStrong is in the business of turning houses into homes for their brothers.Comprised of all veterans, some disabled, some not so much, but all united by the common bond of war, service, and brotherhood. These men have united to bring the comforts a home should have to their brothers. Everything from a refrigerator to hold ice cold beer, or soda (if you don't drink, it's all good in the hood), to a couch, so you can relax at the end of a long day and everything in between.Located in San Antonio, Texas these service members stay true to their calling even after leaving the service. Currently, they deliver all of the goods they can via their pickup trucks (true Texas hospitality and initiative right there). It's the most accurate display of the mentality that veterans have. When there is a noble mission to be accomplished they find a way, even if it costs them out of their own pocket.


As many of us are veterans here, we know that there is a sense of pride in ownership, a place you can truly call your very own. However, not everyone has the ability to get those things done on their own. That's where VetStrong comes in, they give their own brothers a hand-up to turn their house into a home.We are proud to be supporters of this noble and worthwhile endeavor. If you are interested in supporting them and making a real impact in someone's life, check out VetStrong on their webpage or on Facebook. They are currently raising money to buy a box truck in order to better serve their brothers and sisters! Semper Fidelis brothers!

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