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Vietnam Veterans Day

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 28, 2019
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March 29th is Vietnam Veterans Day and deservedly so. Never before in the history of our nation have men and women in uniform been treated with such disdain upon their return. Media outlets at the time portrayed them as murderers and monsters who committed unspeakable acts. We know this to be untrue. While the nature of war is that unspeakable acts will happen, these men were not more monsters or evil doers than the men who went before them in Korea, World War Two, World War One or any other conflict prior.These men fought a new kind of war. They were introduced to asymmetric warfare in brutal fashion and responded as best they could. Communist sympathizers infiltrated the south and waged a different kind of war than we'd seen before. The jungles of Vietnam didn't make it easier, but we were there to resist an ideology of control. An ideology that is responsible for between 85 to 100 million killed for not being in line with the state. That's what we were fighting against.And yet Hanoi Jane felt it her duty to betray her country and pose for propaganda photos with the North Vietnamese Army. Maybe she regrets it, maybe she doesn't but she still did it and the photo at the time served as a potent piece of propaganda for a murderous regime.This March 29th take a little time to remember these men who on behalf of what seemed an ungrateful nation at the time, still did their duty and fought against an ideology that even to this day still grips the world in its iron and icy grip.The war that took over 58,000 lives and wounded over 150,000...on behalf of an ungrateful people they went and did their job, they did their duty and they did it while seemingly everyone was against them. Remember these men and women, remember their sacrifice. Honor them.

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