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War on Drug Cartels: Challenges and Strategies

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November 6, 2019
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On November 4th, nine American citizens were murdered by members of a Mexican drug cartel. The family was traveling from Bavispe in Sonora state to the town of Galeana in Chihuahua. The attack occurred less than 100 miles from the city of Tuscon, Arizona, in a territory which is currently embroiled in a conflict between rival warlords. Or, sorry - drug lords. Whatever, they're still cockroaches. In response, President Trump made the offer to the Mexican government of American military support in order to destroy cartels. Now, even though that's a conflict that I, personally, would believe in and support - I might have a better idea. One that could win the "War on Drugs."See, there's this group of fellas that are incredibly well-trained, well-funded, and highly motivated. They pay their own bills, (mostly) handle their own logistics, and perhaps most importantly, are terrifyingly capable of killing people. Theirs is a reputation of fearsome fighters - indeed, feared much more than some American uniformed military units that operated in Iraq and Afghanistan. It might be pretty clear that who I'm alluding to is, of course, Blackwater. I know, I know.. "ThEy'Re nOt bLaCkWaTeR aNyMoRe." Semantics, to be honest with you. The company still employs deadly men. Erik Prince would likely jump at the opportunity to prove his point that in many cases, private military companies are much better suited to the task than uniformed military personnel. And, to be honest - I *do* mean Blackwater. Change the name, dust off those old flags, hand out some standard-issue steroids and 20mg Instant Release Adderall, and let the boys go killin' again.To be honest - you wouldn't even have to pay them. Do you know how much money the cartels have? I mean, honestly, their walls are even filled with cash. They've got hundreds of millions - they've got billions! So, you let Blackwater do what Blackwater does best - hunt down and slay wicked men.. And in return, instead of financing the entire operation with tens of billions of United States taxpayer dollars.. You just let those dudes keep half of whatever they recover from the cartels' safehouses. I guarantee you, with this course of action, you won't be able to find a single cartel member in the entire state of Mexico. Once that literal black flag gets raised and entire compounds start dropping dead (or obliterated - they have air support helicopters, too), then the entire network would crumble.All you've gotta do is send them after the fields, the manufacturing sites, the storage facilities - start hitting all their product, ambush their convoys, and flattening the houses their families live in, and we'll end this "War on Drugs" after all. But, I guess this is all just a few hundred words of some weird dude rambling - because at the end of the day, the American government doesn't have the stones to do something so bold. The American people don't have the stomach to do something so gritty and dirty, yet necessary. And the American Department of Defense doesn't have an open enough mind to admit that maybe they aren't always the best choice. But, either way, we must end the war on drugs.Toodles.If you enjoyed this article, you can see more of my work here: you for reading!

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