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Washington Governor's Bump Stock Ban

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 4, 2017
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It doesn’t take long for the vultures to come out when a tragedy strikes. Always seeking to further their political accomplishments and own reputation, certain politicians will say or do anything to capitulate to their voting base. In a recent interview with Washington Governor Jay Inslee stated:“This session the legislature needs to ban bump-stocks and other devices that turn legal semi-automatic firearms into lethal fully-automatic machine guns. We must make sure people intent on causing mass destruction and loss of life won’t be aided by lax laws that give them unfettered access to military-style weaponry”

Don’t you all just wish an ignorant politician would stop talking for just a moment, before they turn to fear mongering? Bump-stocks do not make a firearm fully automatic. A bump stock harnesses energy from the recoil of the firearm to increase the rate of fire that is certain. However a fully automatic firearm means that with one trigger pull the weapon keeps firing. In order to fire rapidly with a bump stock, the trigger still resets after each shot, despite its quicker rate of fire, it’s not fully automatic. Combine that with the coordination needed to attain the high rate of fire using a bump stock and it’s easy to poke holes in the Governor’s argument.

Bump Stock Ban

We’re all saddened by this tragedy. No sane, rational person amongst us wants this type of act to become commonplace, but lying to the public in order to further a political agenda is exactly the type of thing that enrages so many voters. Politicians wonder why the American people have so little trust in them, it’s because even the most cursory of Google searches can give them accurate information, and yet they still misrepresent the truth for their own selfish gains. Washington is actually a pretty gun friendly state considering its blue state leanings. However this ban would be a step towards more restrictive gun laws that the governor more than likely has on his agenda. This tragedy has everyone spun up and has even convinced President Trump to state that there will be a conversation on guns. However with the advent of new technology such as 3-D printers, how successful will lawmaker’s attempts be? One thing is certain, taking guns away from the law-abiding citizens, when the criminals will always find a way to circumvent the laws doesn’t make anyone safer and it doesn’t help anyone heal, it only creates a further divide.

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