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Officer's Camera Rolling During Fatal Shooting

Veteran News
Veteran News
December 29, 2016
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Love them or hate them, body cams have been one of the fastest growing additions to an officer's uniform. As more and more stories come to light about fatal shootings and the circumstances surrounding them, sometimes the only thing that will keep the situation from entering the court of public opinion is a video camera recording everything as it happens.That's why this officer made absolutely sure that his was rolling before making this stop in Gallatin, Tennessee. The camera comes on just as we see him pull in and rush out of the car. Almost immediately, he draws his weapon and calls for the approaching figure to "Get on the ground!"It's not fully seen on the video just what was in the person's hand, but it looked like a large blade of some sort. Commenters from multiple social sites called it everything from a "battle axe" to a "machete."The camera recorded the steady advance of the person toward the officer while receiving numerous warnings and orders to stop. They choose not to heed these warnings or drop the weapon, and the officer is forced to open fire, ultimately killing his target.It's not an outcome anyone wants, but the threat was neutralized. That officer protected himself from not only the danger in front of him, but the possibility of anyone turning the story against him.The following video contains scenes of violence, which may disturb some viewers.

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