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We Didn't Always Agree

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 27, 2018
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No pictures, no fanfare, we're not gonna name names here. We all know who we're talking about. He passed away this weekend and the truth is, we didn't always agree or like the guy. However! Those two points don't change how we're am going to act, how we as Americans should act.He was a veteran. Like it or not, shitbird or not. So much of what has been reported of him is hearsay and there is little hard solid evidence. Some say he did this. Some say he did that, but the truth of the matter is only those who were actually there know the truth. Some sing praises, others call for his head. We weren't there though, so from our mouths, those things are better left unsaid.We didn't always agree with him or like him, but we're not going to be those people who mock him in his death. Say what you will. Call him names if you must, but as for us, we're just not going to go down that road. Whatever he was, he was human. Flawed, imperfect and capable of mistakes like the rest of us.So while his family mourns and those close to him are sad, let us not become that which we hate. Rise above what has become so commonplace these days.As the old adage says and maybe in this case...maybe just once we remember that if you don't have anything nice to say, you probably shouldn't say it at all. We didn't always agree, we didn't always like the guy, but as a human being, show some decency even if you don't feel they've earned it. It says more about you than it does about them.We didn't always agree and we didn't always get along, but rest in peace, we're glad you're no longer in pain.

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