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Chelsea Manning: Less Press, Please

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 30, 2018
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We think it's quite hilarious that people call Chelsea Manning a "whistleblower" when in fact she is and will forever be known as a traitor. Treason is a real bitch huh Chelsea? Why?Australia is refusing to allow her to visit the country for a speaking engagement by denying her visa. There is an appeal going on though...so there are plenty of people around the world who seem cool with treasonous acts that endangered the lives of American service members, however, the decision making body regarding her entry into the country aren't huge fans of her actions. Good.Getting back to the whistleblower term, that's like calling Bowe Bergdahl a patriot who loved his country and his fellow soldiers. The person who exposed the abuse at Abu Ghraib, whistleblower. Chelsea Manning is not a whistleblower, she's an asshole and before she identified as Chelsea, when she was still Bradley Manning, he was an asshole then too.

Chelsea Manning

After her trip to Australia, which will most likely be canceled. Australia has set a precedent in the past of upholding these types of decisions, she is supposed to go to New Zealand, who will also hopefully deny her entry into the country as well based on the fact that she's had a felony conviction within the last 10 years and her sentence was over a year...despite it being commuted in 2017 by then President Obama.Just goes to show that when you commit treason there is a long list of things people trust more than you. For example, condoms made in the same factory as needles, or gas station sushi, or anything said by anyone before the word "but", or your girlfriend when she says she's a virgin or on birth control.Hell, we even trust Bowe to stand post more than we trust Chelsea to keep a secret...just kidding we don't trust either of those traitorous pricks. Sucks to suck don't it?Good job Australia, hopefully, New Zealand follows your example.

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