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Ending Endless Wars: One Thing We Forget

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
September 16, 2019
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Fuck it sounds good doesn't it? An end to the seemingly endless wars that we seem to always find ourselves embroiled in. We want that. In fact, we're pretty sure everyone who reads us regularly knows that we want to either win or just not go in the first place, and when we say win, we mean definitively and in relatively short order, not in 20 years from now.As we've all seen in the last year, foreign policy and wars are a fucky thing indeed. First, we were gonna get out of Afghanistan, but then we were gonna go to Venezuela, but then we were like nah, we should do Iran, then we hemmed and hawed about that for several months and nothing came of it and we're finding ourselves right back where we started. An extremely bellicose Taliban and an emboldened Iran who probably definitely helped the Houthi Rebels attack Saudi Arabia (we'll address our opinions on Saudi Arabia later in this piece)'s the thing about ending endless wars. We are totally on board with doing that. But what happens when the enemy doesn't want to stop fighting? What happens when we say"Ok guys, we've had our fun, time for us to go."But whoever it is we're fighting says..."Nah, we wanna keep doin' this."Now, that isn't to say they always will or want to do that, but we left Iran alone after we're all pretty certain it did some shit. We left them alone in favor of not starting another forever war, at least that's our take on why we didn't throw down. But...they more than likely at a minimum aided in the attack if not outright attacked Saudi Arabia. Now, truthfully, we don't give two flying fucks about Saudi Arabia, because, quite honestly, there is enough evidence to suggest that the hijackers that perpetrated 9/11 had some help from the Saudi government on some level (check out this link).(Big sigh)Look. War sucks major dick. Good people die. Bad people die. Innocent people die. It's a real shit show, but the thought needs to be had before we get into them that the enemy we fight, may want to continue after we think we're done, whether we stay there or come home.BOTH SIDES GET A SAY IN WHEN THE WAR IS OVER.

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