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We'll 1776 with You

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 28, 2018
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I could write this with kid gloves, so I don't come off as xenophobic and hurtful, but I think we all know I won't do that. Here is the deal about the migrant caravan, to seek asylum here in the United States there are qualifying factors. You must be fleeing persecution regarding race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or your political opinion.Now, I'm not super into the daily politics of Honduras or the other small countries these migrants could have mustered from, but I haven't heard anything from the U.N. or Amnesty International about the persecution of certain "protected groups" in any of these Central American countries.But, let's make an ass out of you and I and assume that there is some legitimate persecution taking place there. Maybe they are quartering soldiers in houses, raising taxes without the consent of the governed, maybe the people don't have the right to peaceably assemble or to bear arms for their own self-preservation, maybe the government is forcing a religion on them that they don't like...any number of things...I seem to recall that about 242 years ago give or take a few years (wink wink) a group of people had a similar situation. They began to fight back against their oppressors. It was a long shot and if you've studied this event that I'm referencing, you know that it almost ended in terrible defeat and the "instigators" would most certainly have been hung for treason.[caption id="attachment_19163" align="aligncenter" width="358"]


You bloody British wankers, I'll drum you to death![/caption]However, they succeeded and formed quite possibly one of the youngest, but greatest nations to ever exist. A nation that mobilized to defeat evil in World War 2, a nation who stood up against the "great Soviet machine" and triumphed...Look, if you want to move here, by all means, move here! This is a great country because of our diversity. I am honored and privileged to have mentors, teachers, and friends from cultures across the globe. I have truly been enriched through the great melting pot that is the United States of America......but if you think for one moment I'd run away from this country if it turned to tyranny...HA, you'll have to nuke me.Hard times are hard yes, and you are more than welcome here if you're being persecuted, so long as you do so legally. And hell if you wanna return to your country to fight against a tyrant in a rebellion, I could be convinced to get my 1776 on. Bet.

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