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Debt to China: Does Anyone Really Care?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 20, 2019
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Like honestly...what will China do? Repo our country? Fat chance. Not because of their military power or lack thereof or anything like that, just the sheer logistics of crossing the Pacific Ocean with an invasion force, when they don't have anything close to a forward operating base would be a challenge (...except...maybe...Venezuela soon), but even then...doubtful at best. Meanwhile, we have these two aircraft carriers called Japan, and this one called South Korea.We're already forward deployed.So, again...we ask. What is China going to do? Repo us? Not likely. Now we're not even close to being global economists here, so the grasp of such things is amateurish and even that is giving us a little too much credit, but all that this really seems to mean, at least to that China is out $1.17 trillion. Sucks to be China. You've got the world's biggest economies duking it out trade wise and realistically...we might as well not even be in the debt to China because even if we do pay it back...ever, it'll take like generations and we just don't see it happening.Plus we've been sailing our ships past their militarized islands and reefs to continually let them know that we give somewhere between zero f***s and zero f***s. Get it? The latest to do so was the USS Preble, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the second time this month alone for that ship.Needless to say when it comes to being in debt to China...who really cares? They've stolen a bunch of our tech, turned three dudes into spies, gotten a whole bunch of our spies killed and have immoral and even maybe illicit designs on if we're in 'debt'...we highly doubt they'll collect or do shit if we refuse to pay.But then again, we've been wrong before and like we said, we're not even remotely qualified to talk on a high level regarding the global economy. We're just a bunch of dudes, sayin' China won't do f*** all.

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