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Venezuela: What Matters Most?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 3, 2019
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Guns. Guns are what matters most in Venezuela right now. What matters most is that the people don't have access to firearms and so, repeating one more time for the dense ass mofos in the back, THEY ARE GETTING RUN OVER AND KILLED BY THEIR OWN "GOVERNMENT"! Yeah, we're going to put government in quotes so you get the idea that we're making air quotes when speaking about them and bold it so you know...we absolutely totally don't think the government is legitimate.In fact, well...not really a fact, more of an interesting scenario that has been floated around. Maduro would have left and ceded power to Guaido a while ago if it hadn't been for DUN DUN guessed it. Russia and Vladimir Putin. Are we living in a really poorly written action-packed spy thriller? Because it really seems like we've got an author writing some really almost blatantly ridiculous obvious plotline shit.Anyways, back to the whole what matters thing...guns. When you have them, other people who have them now have a little bit of pause when it comes to opening fire. I mean hell, theoretically speaking, it's a lot easier to shoot people who can't shoot back at all. Even if they don't have big enough guns to take out the APC that is running them over, that APC will eventually run out of gas or homeboy will get hungry or something. He can't stay in there forever. Also...if you wanted to like...steal an APC from the corrupt dictator...usually the people guarding them have guns. You stand a much better chance of success when stealing shit if you have a gun too.It's not a 100% guarantee, but as a general rule, people without guns fair worse against people with guns? There is a reason the bow and arrow, while fun for hunting, is not the service issued weapon. Yes we know you nitpickers, a bow and arrow...great for stealth...well when you're dealing with an entire enemy military who knows you're there, tell us what you'd pick..bow and arrow or gun?If you say bow and arrow, you're pants on head stupid.What matters in Venezuela is guns and the populace has very few guns save what the few defectors from the military and police brought with them. That's why they got run over. Not enough FIREPOWER!!! GET DOWN! GET TO DA CHOPPA! Just kidding...but really. Let's maybe possibly run guns to Venezuela...

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