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What's Next for Venezuela?

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May 2, 2019
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The attempt to seize power from Maduro in the embattled socialist country by opposition leader Juan Guaido has at least from where we are sitting, has failed. So what next in Venezuela? There are a few likely options and we've kind of hinted at this before during our coverage of the situation in Venezuela. There is also a new option that's on the table that we'll talk about today (new as in we didn't discuss it). We all know who is calling the shots for Maduro though and we shouldn't be coy about saying it either (cough Putin cough).First off, we all watched live as the socialist government of Venezuela showed every American why there is a need for the 2nd amendment. Everyone posted memes about why there is a place for a civilian owning a rocket launcher as an armored vehicle ran right over citizens. So again what next Venezuela?Fight as insurgents.Why? Because quite honestly we've been coming to everyone's rescue for too long. Not that they don't deserve freedom and whatnot, but the United States has been at war for quite some time now and quite honestly, everyone here is really tired of it. We're tired of the inability of politicians to set reasonable and achievable goals as wars get drawn out longer and longer despite our overwhelming advantage.There is a chance that we could intervene, but...with an election coming up and the overwhelming majority of Americans saying they don't want to get involved...(it may or may not be the right thing to do, shit we don't know) it's doubtful that we'll commit. And honestly, strategically, we're on board with the guerilla fighting wearing down both Russia and China financially and militarily. That'd be the most likely best-case scenario at this point.By no means do we want either Russia or China to have a strong foothold in Venezuela, we're just not quite sure what it's going to take to keep that from happening and the scenario that we're most pleased with is the opposition movement led by Guaido fight as insurgents, because the United States...as of right now with all the saber rattling we're doing...it still doesn't look like we're going to get super involved.But we may because we have a habit of getting involved and overstaying our welcome.

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