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Overlooked Matters in Turkey

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
June 3, 2019
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We get it November is a long way off and thoughts of turkey don't cross your mind that often aside from that one time of year. Allow us though, if you will, to talk about a different type of Turkey, the country. The country who is supposed to buy our F-35s but is also planning on buying the Russian S-400 anti-air system.We're not exactly sure where we stand with our opinion on the F-35. One minute we hear great success stories about it. The next minute we hear a bunch of bullshit about how someone breathed wrong next to an F-35 poster and the entire fleet went down. Not a lot of solid information coming out about the F-35 positive or negative, but we do know this. It's our new plane. And it does this super cool cyberwarfare suite AI informational super nerdy tech thing.Someone find us a nerd to tell us all the declassified shit an F-35 can do.We also know that the S-400 system is pretty advanced with its data analytics. There has been talk that the S-400 could 'learn' the vulnerabilities of the F-35...i.e. breathing next to a poster of one. Conversely one would hope the F-35 could learn about the S-400s shortcomings and then you know, we're back to square one.But since all of this bullshit has been going on with Turkey, the United States has been like..."Hey, we could use some more reliable partners, Greece, you down?" To which Greece who is bankrupt as shit and could really use the influx of American cash money is like "Hell yeah, put your shit everywhere homie!"Despite nothing happening yet, this talk of the United States dropping Turkey in favor of their longtime rival Greece, has Turkey pissed off. They are incoherent screeching mad, a cape to make them super mad would just get in their way.The lesson to be learned here by Turkey. If you didn't want us going to Greece, you shouldn't have cozied up with Putin and the Diet Soviet Union. This is what happens when you drink Communist Lite Soda. We take our ball and go somewhere else, then Russia will probably...occupy you, for you're own 'safety', just like they're doing in Ukraine. That probably won't happen, but if it does, you all can probably guess who won't be shocked.

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