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What the Sh*t Saudi Arabia?

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 17, 2018
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What the shit Saudi Arabia? You can't just go around killing journalists at your consulate during interrogations bro. We say bro, but we mean it like you call the dude trying to steal your girl "pal", "sport", "champ"; it's not a compliment. The United States has for a looooong time and we mean looooong time ignored the heinous human rights abuses that take place in Saudi Arabia because well...hmmmm....wait we're trying to find a legitimate reason we're nice to these guys because aside from the oil...oh wait...nevermind found it.Jamal Khashoggi a columnist for the Washington Post, was last seen in Turkey alive entering the Saudi consulate on October 2nd. When he didn't reappear despite the Saudi's insistence that he had indeed left, free and clear and healthy as the moment he walked in, questions started to get asked. Turkey said they had proof of the Saudi's misdeeds and it's looking like they were right on this one. Even a broken clock right?It has since been learned that he was most likely tortured and murdered at the Saudi consulate. All the evidence points to it and the Saudis have all but said "Yeah we kinda killed that dude" We don't mean like a little bit of waterboarding, no, those dudes cut off fingers. They eventually chopped his entire body up as well, allegedly. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tried to deny the allegations for the longest time, but the truth comes out in the wash.Look, we may or may not have gotten along with Jamal. We may have vastly different ideas about the world and how it should work. The man worked towards non-violent solutions, even urged Bin Laden to give up violence. He was a journalist. He wasn't a suicide bomber or a masked jihadist cutting limbs from people. He was merely a journalist.Was he critical of Saudi Arabia's dealings in a lot of areas? Yes. Is that crime enough to be tortured and killed by "rogue" members of the government? No.So again we ask Saudia Arabia...what the shit assholes?

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