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What's All the Hype Surrounding the S-400?

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 26, 2019
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The S-400 Triumf. Much has been touted about the new Russian missile defense system and how it's the end all be all solution to air least that's what the propaganda would have you believe. Let us all take a moment and reflect and remember that there is no such thing as a perfect weapons system. All weapon systems have vulnerabilities. It's just a matter of how blatant or obvious that vulnerability is.Also known as the SA-21 Growler system, the S-400 anti-air defense system is extremely it is said. Many countries like India (who is trying to further cooperation with the United States) and Turkey (who used to enjoy the relationship it had with the United States as a NATO member) have indicated an interest in the systems. India has even gone on to order five systems.So what is so f***ing great about the S-400? It can track multiple "stealth" targets, it can be reconfigured easily for different missions and it is mobile and easy to set up. So it's 'capable' of hitting modern stealth aircraft, mission specific and mobile. Sounds like everything we'd like in an anti-aircraft missile defense system.'s owned by our Cold War-era foe, Russia. It reaches out to touch incoming aircraft or projectiles at 400 kilometers and sends it's pride and joy missile on a joyride at approximately Mach 15.Any weaknesses?Well, there is one that experts believe they have found. Despite the impressive ability of the S-400 system, it seems that they can be overwhelmed by swarms of missiles/drones sporting reduced radar cross sections flying low to the ground. During an attack on Syrian air bases, the Tomahawk cruise missiles were able to penetrate the air space protected by the S-400. While some say that Moscow deliberately didn't fire in order not to escalate, others dispute the claim since it was an attack on Assad's forces for the chemical attack launched from the airbases and we all know how Russia loves Syria.Right now the S-400 seems like a credible deterrent to anything we have...but then again remember, we didn't even know the F-117 existed for almost 10 years while it was flying around creating havoc.In the opinion of this former Lance Corporal, it's a pretty great system that we should respect, but we're also pretty certain the guys over at Lockheed-Martin and Boeing are going to have an answer to the S-400 in relatively short order, if they don't already.

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