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Women in the Draft: What Say You?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 28, 2019
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We have three options here. We can keep it the way it is. We add women to the current system. We can get rid of the system altogether.When it comes down to it, men do a majority of the front line fighting in war. We know one of you had a sister in the Air Force that was so badass that several SEALs asked for her to be on their team and she choked out an entire platoon of Marines, now that your weird flex is over, let's get back to the point. Men do most of the fighting as most of the combat-focused jobs (infantry, tank, arty) have only been open to men for a long time. Now they're open to women. Part of the reason the draft existed wasn't to necessarily fill the supply and logistics jobs as they weren't the ones dying as much. The purpose of the draft was to get fighting men to replace the ones dying. So, if we're going to keep the draft and keep women in combat roles it only makes sense that they are subject to being drafted as well.If we're going to start drafting women, then we need to equalize the standards across the board. (Personally, after having done my time in the suck, wished I'd been in better physical shape. In addition to running, I should have been lifting weights like a fiend.) It is after all fair. You meet the standards for this branch or you don't, with zero respect towards your gender. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl, you meet the same HIGH standard, not lowered for cheap political points, or you can pack your shit and GTFO.Doing away with it altogether. There roughly a little more than two million men and women currently serving in the United States military. We have a Fit-For Service population of around 120,025,000 and 4,220,000 reaching military age each year (source: as of 2018. You're telling me that you amidst 120,025,000 people already fit for service and the 4,220,000 reaching military age you can't find a measly 2.1 million or more people to fill our military requirements?You're telling me that out of 124 million people we can't find 2.1 million or even another 2 million should you need (WW3 would be a need for example), but rather we need to force people into service...C'mon man. From those two numbers, the percentage of that population needed is 1.69%. If we needed to up the number to around 4 million military personnel, it'd be only 3.2% of that population needed, and you're telling me we can't find those people?Look, personally, I'm not a huge fan of the draft. I know plenty of people who want to serve and given a scenario (WW3), I'm sure you wouldn't NEED to force anyone either. There are plenty of people that still find military service honorable, challenging and as some sort of right of passage. That all being said. If we're going to keep it, then fair is fair and women should be included in the draft.Maybe folks should be careful what they wish for, they just might get it, either get rid of the draft entirely or make everyone sign up for it. If we really want to be fair, if we really want to be equitable, then those are the only two real options. If we don't want to be fair...then you know, keep on drafting dudes.

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