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Words on a Shirt

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 19, 2018
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Every once in a while something stupid happens that we can't quite fathom. We honestly can't see people acting in such a childish manner, but we should know better. Recently Jacob Ewart was the target of ridiculous pandering to people who can't find the time of day to mind their own business.Jacob was heading back to California from Hawaii, sitting and quietly conversing with a friend who had joined him on the trip. Normal airport behavior. We too have engaged in conversations while waiting at the gate for our flight to board. While minding his own business, the gate attendant came up and asked Jacob to remove the Grunt Style shirt he was wearing because another passenger had complained about the words on it. It was one of the older and more abrasive designs but still not advocating or encouraging violence, but rather a state of mind. It was after all just a shirt. It wasn't harming anyone, and Jacob wasn't being obnoxious or loud, creating a scene...just quietly conversing with his friend. Jacob refused. It's just a shirt.Not five minutes later the gate attendant came over and asked him to remove the shirt again as this time a Flight Attendant had complained. Again, politely, Jacob declined. He didn't see what the big deal was, certainly everyone involved had heard the words on the shirt before and it's not as if the words on a shirt made some sort of magical weapon capable of actually harming people. They are words on a shirt.Jacob thought nothing of it as he eventually got up to board his flight. His friend who had accompanied him had boarded earlier though and relayed via text message that the captain of the aircraft had spoken to the airport police and waiting for him were two airport police officers at the entrance to the aircraft.Jacob was informed by the two officers that if he did not put on the hoodie he had to cover the words that he would not be allowed to board that plane or any other Alaska Airlines aircraft. A refund would not be given to Jacob if he refused.All of this over words on a shirt. Jacob put his hoodie on because as a hardworking police officer, he knew that there was no point in making a scene and there would be no solving the issue on that day.Alaska Airlines is free to do as they choose as a private company. Totally within their discretion as to who they allow on the plane. We would think when exercising that discretion they'd use what power they have to not wage a war against words on a shirt.We do find it interesting though that they needed two police officers to ensure this man and his extremely dangerous shirt weren't on board......because God forbid anyone read words they don't like.

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