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Legendary WWII Pilot's Historic Kill

Veteran News
Veteran News
May 10, 2016
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WWII Pilot Made Historic One of a Kind Kill

It should come as no surprise that WWII, retaining the highest casualties of any war for both military and civilians, also has some of the most epic stories of both valor and fortune. This story is no different. Except that it's the only one of it's kind. On March 31st, 1943, Owen Baggett and his squadron were on a mission to destroy a bridge when his plane was shot up so bad that he and his crew were forced to bail out.

While parachuting, a Japanese pilot decided that downing the plane wasn’t enough. He circled around and started shooting at the bailed out pilots, killing two of the crew. Seeing this, Baggett did the only thing he could. He played dead.
Not convinced Baggett was dead, the Zero pulled up to him at near stall speed, the pilot opening his canopy to check on his horrendous work. Not wasting any time and thinking on his feet (no pun intended), Baggett pulled out his pistol and shot the pilot right in the head. The last thing he saw was the Zero spiraling toward earth.

You can read the full story from World War Wings here. You certainly do not hear stories like this everyday, or ever for that matter. Let us know what you thought in the comments section and on our social media pages!

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