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Unfiltered Opinions: Confronting the Taliban

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
September 10, 2019
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Fuck the Taliban. We're so over dealing with these asshats that a lot of insanely grievous options for dealing with them seem more and more prudent each day. How many times have we written about this shitty peace process where we sit and sue for peace, while these slapdick ass mofos continue to strap bombs to people and load up cars with explosives and kill our people? Countless. We're certain that we're beating the dead great-great-great-grandson of the first dead horse we beat over this dumb shit. YET, here we are again. Talking about it once more because well, we keep doing to same lame shit over and over and over again, and we keep getting the same shit results over and over and over again.Now obviously, we're not experts on foreign policy. If we were, we'd get paid a lot more by some think tank to speculate on the same shit using $20 words that you only learn through the dedicated reading of a dictionary...which we may have had to do once in elementary school because we were trouble makers as kids, BUT...that is neither here nor there, nor now. Now we're seeing a breakdown in the "peace" process with the Taliban as we negotiate exactly how the United States military will leave that country.Mind you these peace talks are being held between the United States and the Taliban only. The current Afghani government has been excluded, so that goes to show you exactly how fucking great this whole process was, to begin with.Meanwhile, President Trump has declared the peace talks with the Taliban dead after this latest round of disagreements. We may still leave even with no peace deal. We also may not. The president has expressed a desire that we shouldn't be the world's police force, but that we needed to get out at the right time...the right time could mean after all Taliban are made unalive, who fuckin' knows anymore?So here, again, like always, we're going to say..if we're not going to leave, then we need to murder death kill every single loyal Taliban fighter or supporter. Fuck the Taliban.If we are going to leave, then we need to just do it. Also still, Fuck the Taliban.We've been riding the fence so long on this shit that the metaphorical splinters in our ass are indistinguishable from the rest of our body. Whatever way we choose to go with, we need to commit to it and just be done with it. Tired of beating this dead horse, as we're sure many of you are tired of it as well.

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