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Count Your Blessings: Perspective on Adversity

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 21, 2018
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Often we overlook how good we have it here. Things can certainly always get better and we hope that they, in fact, do get better. But...if you think it's bad here, take a moment and look at the world around us. Just this week lawmakers in Kosovo released tear gas in the chamber to prevent a vote during the parliamentary meetings.Certainly, we have arguments and disagreements, hell we've even had a few riots and civil unrest. Not once though have any of our lawmakers in the states or federal levels dropped some tear gas in the respective chambers to prevent the representatives from voting the voice of the people."Hey there Bill, whatcha doing with that tear gas canister?""I wouldn't worry about it, Ted.""Kind of feel like I should."

You think it's bad here

Can you all imagine how awkward that would be here? Some senator just walks in and says "I don't like this bill on spending, so...tear gas boom," and then everyone has to leave. He'd totally get like arrested or censured. Senators and congressmen get censured, right? Or even with the support of two-thirds of the body, they could be expelled. Funny thing is, people have been expulsed for less, so we're thinking dropping tear gas on the Senate or House floors would definitely be grounds for expulsion.

You think it's bad here

We're not saying we're perfect, but we do however say this. We're a helluva lot better than a lot of other places. When you take into account the fact that even the poorest Americans are wealthier than almost the rest of the world as well as safer, it's hard not to be thankful that we live in the good ole U.S of A.After all, it could be way worse. Your congressmen and senators could be dropping tear gas canisters during their sessions.

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