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3 Fort Hood Leaders to Receive Memorandums of Reprimand

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May 4, 2021
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A statement released by the Army detailed the results of their investigation into the actions of Fort Hood leaders. It outlined that Gen. Michael X. Garrett, the commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, has made a determination based on the investigation conducted by Gen. John Murray. As a result, the following occurred:

  • Gen. Garrett directed the relief of five current or former leaders (officers and non commissioned officers) in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. Of the five, three will also receive General Officer Memorandums of Reprimand (GOMORs).
  • Gen. Garrett referred further action against seven additional officers and non-commissioned officers to Lt. Gen. Pat White, commanding general of III Corps, and further action against one non-commissioned officer to a separate command. Those eight officers and non-commissioned officers will receive GOMORs, and in addition one will be notified of relief.

The release also made the following statement:

The report indicates that Guillén informally reported that she was sexually harassed on two occasions, and in both instances her supervisor failed to report the harassment, and other leaders failed to take appropriate action. No evidence indicates that this sexual harassment was in any way related to her death. However, the report found that between April to September 2019 Spc. Aaron Robinson — Guillén’s alleged murderer — sexually harassed a different female specialist at Fort Hood; this information was discovered in fall of 2020 during the 15-6 investigation. The investigation found no credible evidence to conclude that Spc. Robinson sexually harassed Guillén or that they had any relationship outside of their work setting.Former Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy also stated, "Leaders, regardless of rank, are accountable for what happens in their units and must have the courage to speak up and intervene when they recognize actions that bring harm to our Soldiers and to the integrity of our institution."

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