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5 Takeaways from HustleCon

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July 14, 2017
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Hustlers around the world descended upon Oakland, CA, recently for Hustle Con, an annual conference that showcases some of the most interesting and successful startup founders. During the event, the founders broke down the winning strategies they implemented to grow their startups.Here are 5 takeaways from the speakers that were there.1. Miguel McKelvey / WeWork“Fight for what is right, but never lose sight of the bigger picture”Startups will reach junctures where hard choices need to be made. They may include such choices as what features should be included in a product, how to price the product, or how to deal with an employee. Your core mission will often dictate what will bring you closer to manifesting the company vision, while your values will keep you anchored in stormy waters.

2. Tim Chang / Mayfield

“There’s a notion of wellness at all levels; your body, your mind, your emotions, and your soul.”Being in a startup is draining physically and mentally. Incorporate exercise, a healthy diet, and rest into your busy schedule to ensure that you have the stamina to work those inevitably long hours. There is a direct correlation between your wellness and your performance, so take care of yourself so that you can take care of your business.

3. Tom Bilyeu / Quest Nutrition

“Stop finding shortcuts to see what you can get away with. Start focusing on how much you can bear.”Startups are hard, that’s why successful founders are a rare breed. Often, our egos lead us to taking on more work than we can handle which makes the ‘easy wrong’ as a tempting option. Have the humility to acknowledge what your cannot do and accept that you may need help. Always pick the harder right.

4. Casey Neistat / Youtube

“I can do this because I have a kid. You need a reason in life to do things, and for me I don’t know what else would drive me if it wasn’t by having someone else to do this for.”Ask yourself why you’re doing this. What will keep you motivated through the difficulties that you will face on your journey to building a successful company. Staying constantly reminded of this

will help you overcome the many challenges along the way and galvanize you to push through those tough times.5. Kara Goldin / Hint“Solve your own problem, then proceed to solve other people’s problems”Time should be one of your most coveted resources. Prioritize your issues and commit to the most important to your business. Determine which problems need your direct attention and which ones you can delegate to others.

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