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6 Post-Military Service Activities

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Community Support
September 1, 2015
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1. Civilian equivalent

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6 thing to do after Military service

Infantry Meme's Photo[/caption]Of course, not all Veterans will be able to flow into a new career directly connected to their Military jobs (MOS, Rate, AFSC) as some are just not in demand outside of the Military. See Infantry or Artillery.

2. Trade school

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www.tradeschoolsincalifornia.org[/caption]There are hundreds of trade schools that offer programs ranging from business to automotive to culinary training. Typically these schools take no more than two years and have flexible schedules to work into busy home lives. They offer classes on-line and on-site to further allow more freedom while in the programs. After graduation most offer job placement help and the salaries of those who attend a trade school is $7,000 higher than their High School graduate counter parts averaging around $35,000.

3. 4-year University

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www.oskeimsportspicks.com[/caption]Football games, Huge Parties, and shenanigans of all kinds is what you get to look forward to here. Colleges and Universities are nothing but never ending fun. Veterans have the opportunity to study in almost any field they choose, while being around other students who present themselves as grown-ups and are there to have a good time. Unfortunately, the above is not actually the case. While you will be able to choose from numerous majors and some opportunities party and have a good time, much of your time will be spent doing the mountains of work assigned by some professors as well as any responsibilities you already have (family, work, fight club...). While difficult, a college degree can be very beneficial with average salaries around $51,000.


4. Door greeter at Walmart

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www.wsj.com[/caption]As reported in July 2015 the Door Greeter position is back at Walmart. The position requires an understanding of the store in order to direct customers to what they are looking for, as well as great customer service, and some routine cleaning around your assigned area. This is a perfect position for those retiring from Service and is the goal of a few Army Command Sergeants Major.

5. Fort Couch

This is an option to those who have no idea what they want to do, no desire to return to the workforce, or those lucky enough to have a spouse or parent take care of them. Ft. Couch can consist of a couch, la-z-boy, TV, gaming consoles with the newest Call of Duty, mini fridge, bar, or any combination of these. While most of us would love for this to be the case, unfortunately it is only a dream.[caption id="attachment_876" align="aligncenter" width="660"]

Don't Panic

Don't Panic[/caption]

6. Work for Grunt Style

The final option is to work for an outstanding Veteran friendly company like Grunt Style. As a growing company, we are always recognizing and filling those positions that we are in need of. With the sky being the limit, new positions are almost always available. For current openings see GruntStyle.com .

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