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A Reminder Worth Heeding

Community Support
Community Support
October 26, 2018
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We had a discussion the other day about ridiculous gun control measures and campaigns that had been put forth. It served as a reminder that there is very little those who seek to rob you of your right to bear arms wouldn't do. The topic of gun control is always a hot button issue and we're pretty sure you know where we stand on the issue. But our friend reminded us that there was a PSA from 2014 that encouraged children to make several incredibly bad choices. This is the reality of the world we live in.The first bad choice is to pick up a presumably loaded firearm. Because, hey we assume that all weapons are loaded and treat them as such, correct? So you have a child handling a loaded firearm without adult supervision. That just screams common sense regarding safety (sorry you can't hear the inflection in our voice denoting the sarcasm that statement was dripping with).The second poor choice and many haven't thought of it, had the child stuffing the gun into his backpack. Ok, so let's address the multitude of things wrong with that scenario. First off, stuffing a handgun into a backpack is not the way a presumably loaded handgun should not be transported. There are these things called holsters...moving on. Now you have a concealed weapon without a license and are underage...can we all say felony?So let's count up what's wrong so far with this idea. You taught a child that it's ok to steal and steal a firearm at that. You've told a child they can ignore the safety rule of "treat every weapon as if it were loaded." You've told the child they don't need to responsible carry the weapon in a holster or case designed for the firearm. You've taught the child that concealing the stolen firearm is also a great idea...this can only end well right?Lastly, you have the child sitting at school with a firearm for at least one period until he/she can be alone with the teacher, then he pulls the loaded gun out and slams it on the desk. He pulls a gun out at a school...The idea that people who supposedly want to stop school shootings the most are encouraging children to commit multiple felonies and be reckless with a weapon at a school is about as transparent as it gets.There isn't anything that those who would seek to rob you of your rights won't do. To them, every action, every crime, every death is justifiable as long as they deprive you of your scary bangstick. They know where power comes from, and they wish to take it from you. Even Mao knew and was dead honest about the reality of the world.

Every Communist must grasp the truth, 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.' -- Mao Tse-tung, 1938 
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