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Eddie Rickenbacker: The Ace of Aces

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April 3, 2018
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Not much is publicised about the Ace of Aces, Eddie Rickenbacker. A racecar driver and automotive designer among many other talents were had by Eddie. Today though, we're going to talk about his flying career. It almost didn't happen and we as a nation could have missed out on a national treasure. Think of the countless lives saved by Eddie's prowess in the air. While many may not remember Eddie Rickenbacker, to the men he flew with, no doubt he was unforgettable.Due to his lack of a college education, Eddie Rickenbacker was initially denied the opportunity for flight training. The young Rickenbacker was assigned to a support role as a mechanic, as he was well known for his prowess with engines and the like. His superiors highly valued his skill as a mechanic and despite him taking time on his own to learn to fly, he was stonewalled wherever he attempted to earn his wings.Eddie was smart though and trained up a replacement mechanic that was as suited for that job as he. With that trick up his sleeve, Eddie had finally earned himself a spot among American aviators. He was assigned the 94th Aero Squadron, also known as the "Hat In the Ring" squadron, because of the top hat in the ring of their insignia. Here, Eddie Rickenbacker started to fly his way into American history.

Eddie Rickenbacker

In under a year, Eddie had scored 26 confirmed enemy kills. From April 1918 to the signing of the Armistice, Eddie downed some of Germany's most advanced warplanes. Along the way, he earned eight Distinguished Flying Crosses and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions as well.Eddie Rickenbacker was known to many in his day for a great many things, but one thing we're sure to remember about him was how he overcame the initial denial of flight status and worked to ensure that he would have a spot. With a record 26 kills that lasted until World War 2, Eddie Rickenbacker was the Ace of Aces!

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